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About Us

We are a group of dynamic soul working hard to serve the mankind around us. We woke up with a dream to serve the local people. We are not so financially sound to help and support each and every needful people. But we are determined to do so.

We are seeking members from around the world to join us as member of join our team and strengthen our self so as we may achieve our goal.

I invite you to join us and work as a team. The contribution we collect as membership will be used for the cause. I am putting forward the first cause/intention we dream of and later invite your suggestion for more good work and improvements.

Membership Fee is unlimited. You may join paying any amount. One year menmership starts from rs.100 whereas lifetime menbership starts from Rs.1000.

Your menbership detail will be put online. Photograpalong with name and address of members enrolling with Rs.5000 or more shown on the website.

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  • Mobile Mortury (Freeser)
  • Environment Protection

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